About me

Hi there
My name (you might have guessed) is Malcolm Taylor and I live in North Somerset in the South West of England. This is a great place to be if you are interested in wildlife; the Somerset levels are only a short drive away as is the estuary of the River Seven and the "Bristol" reservoirs.. If you don't mind a slightly longer day trip nearby Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire have some excellent locations for wildlife, butterflies in particular.
My interest in wildlife started many years ago (I'm retired now) collecting birds eggs, yes I know but lots of us did it, in the woods, around the gravel pits and along the River Trent which were all within walking distance of my home on the outskirts of Nottingham. A specific interest in bird watching was stimulated by my biology teacher at school who was a keen birder. This was further reinforced on a day trip to Cley in North Norfolk when I met the famous Norfolk birder and artist Richard Richardson. This was a chance meeting on a day trip with my birding friend Tim Hunter and his parents but it was the first of many visits to North Norfolk and many hours spent with Richard (and often many others) on the East Bank smoking woodbines and enjoying the birds
Photography started in my early twenties, with a Praktika Super TL: the prospect of a two year contract to work in East Africa saw me upgrade to a Pentax SP 1000. Photographic enthusiasm came and went for many years due to family responsibilities etc, although a camera was always there to record family events and holidays. I finally achieved a lifelong photographic ambition to be a Nikon user when I became the proud owner of a Nikon F90. This was my last film camera and with the advent of digital photography I eventually took possession of a Nikon D70S which I still sometimes use and its still a great camera. However things move on and my D300 was a quantum leap forward (will there ever be a D400) As digital cameras got better and better good glass became more and more important and over the years I've accumulated several Nikon primes - 105/F2.8 macro, 300/F2.8 and 600/F4 now the last one is a bit of a beast but with regular trips to the gym I can just about manage to carry it about. I now use these with both my D300 and recently acquired D800. .
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